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School Toppers

Cream of the Crop from St. Mary’s Catholic High School

“Winners do not do different things, they do things differently,” perhaps, these words of Shivkera are more apposite to the students of St. Mary’s, most especially to the toppers of Grade 10 (CBSE), O’ Level (GCSE) and A’ Level (GCSE), who have apparently established themselves to be different from other students by turning up trumps in their final examinations.

The school still holds all the aces in Fujairah, due to the outstanding accomplishment made every year by the industrious students together with their centrifugal force, the teaching staff. The signposts they create will direct the school to its eternal glory and motivate the future generation to pursue the same. The school indisputably sets a premium for the academic performance and encourages the students to lead their life towards the motto of the school “The End Crowns the Work.”

The prominence of the school will never go downhill as the school is the embodiment of committed and potential teachers. The secret of triumphant nature of St. Mary’s goes parallel to the words of William Shakespeare “Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.” The organizing staff and teaching staff join their hands to reach the hearts of the students to engrave the value of Education in their minds with their higher standard of pedagogy. Thus, the school ends every year with a crown.